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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Peter S Beagle

I've been a fan of Peter S Beagle ever since I was a kid, but I didn't realize how amazing he was until I got older and stared to look into his biography.  He is known for only a few things, such as The Last Unicorn and a certain quote about dreams.  However, he has done so much more!

Mr. Beagle is also known for being an expert in everything Tolkien and indeed wrote the screenplay for the 1978 animation of The Lord of the Rings.  Because of this, he was invited to take part in something called Mythmoot, a sort of scholarly discussion/class of The Hobbit right after a screening of the new film.  I was, unfortunately, unable to attend this event.  My sister, however, did.

Yes, I am jealous and wish that I was able to go, but it was simply not in the cards this year.  Perhaps next year I can go for the second film.  I feel, however, one step closer to the world of writers.  When Christmas rolled around, my sister gave me a copy of Mr. Beagle's newest work, Sleight of Hand, a collection of short stories.  But the best part was the message inside it.

"To Spencer-
Send the damn stories out!
And if they get sent back,
send them out again!

-Peter S Beagle"

Now I am stoked!  One of my childhood idols has written me a personal message to get my ass in gear!  I will certainly be redoubling my efforts to complete this novel as fast as I can so that I can work on my many other story ideas!

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