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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Triumphant Return

So it has been a little less than a month since my last post.  It took us a while to get the internet up and running again, and we are still surrounded by boxes.  I have not had much chance for writing, as a result.  But I wanted everyone to know that I am, indeed, still alive!

One thing I am noticing is that whenever I try to approach my novel to revise, I feel overwhelmed and do not want to work on it as a result.  When I get settled in a little more, I am going to have to revise my method of revising.

At the moment, I have a list of changes I wish to make before letting anyone else read it.  I am going to have to go chapter by chapter to decide where which changes go, and how to make them.  Some of them are minor, such as a character witnessing something.  Others, not so much.  I am going to make some fundamental changes to a couple of the characters, to help define them more. But these changes are not going to be easy at all.  It means I may have to rewrite entire chapters, or even add or remove some.

So, in short, I will return to writing shortly!  I might even try a short, short story for Friday Flash! We shall see!

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