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Sunday, October 27, 2013


In case you were not aware, I have a mirror profile over on Deviant Art.  I post up my short stories on there in an attempt to increase my audience.  In fact, I've also started posted to Tumblr, so combined with Facebook, FridayFlash.org, Google+, and Twitter, I have a pretty decent internet presence.  Over time I hope to see my audience increasing to even greater numbers!

Deviant Art has some communities which will accept submissions and show them off.  It's a good way to get your art out to a larger audience.  But they also have something similar that's sort of built-in to the system: Daily Deviations.

There are moderators, or judges, for each type of artwork (all of literature is lumped together to be judged by one of 4 people).  If you or someone else submits your art to them, they will look it over and determine whether or not to feature it for a day as a DD.  Most art doesn't make it, and a few times the judges will give you some feedback.  If you make it, lots of people will get to see your art (but you won't be eligible for a DD again for 6 months)!

Today, Sunday the 27th of October, my story was one of the Daily Deviations.  In particular, this story.  Suddenly I go from having at most 10 views a day to nearly 100!  And comments, glowing comments that have me grinning from ear-to-ear!  I swear, this is dangerous; it'll give me a big head!

So, I wanted to thank neurotype for accepting Three in the Morning, as well as everyone who enjoyed reading it!  It is one of the most thrilling and joyous things for me to know that other people like my work and are entertained by it!  If you are here on my blog because of DA, welcome!  I hope you will stay and watch me pick at my brain for a while!

I also would like to welcome anyone and everyone from the South Bend NaNoWriMo group who has discovered me here.  I'm very grateful to have the chance to write with and get to know you all!

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