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Friday, December 13, 2013


I know what you're thinking.  No story for today?  Really?  After that terrible conclusion?!  How could you not leave us hanging?

It's true, there will be no story for today.  Christmas is in full swing and it's our first Christmas in a house we actually care about.  So, of course, this means it's the first year I've tried to put up lights (which was a rather pitiful attempt).  They ended up on the garage today while the remainder of the house will remain unadorned.  I haven't been able to do it in the day, since I watch Addy and have been shopping constantly, and at night we've been reaching the balmy temperatures of 9 degrees... 2 degrees....  Fahrenheit of course, and WITHOUT wind chill factored in.  So today, when my wife came home early and we were 30 degrees with no wind, I headed out to the garage to hang the things!  The last time I tried, I discovered that our gutters have very special gutter covers that completely encapsulate the gutter and are welded into position, so that I was unable to put any light clips on the house at all.  Let's hope the off-brand stick-on clips I found will hold.

It has been quite a year for Christmas.  Addy hasn't been old enough to appreciate it until this year, so we're going full-force and it is TIRING.  I don't know how Santa does it.  A few elves (or at least Gru-type minions) might help.

On top of this, the deadline for the Dark Crystal is looming.  I've been trying to focus on it instead.  It is quite likely that I will not be able to give a normal update until the new year.

So, since you don't have a story to entertain you today, I will leave you with my all-time favorite Christmas carol.  Enjoy!  Hopefully I'll have something up next week, but we'll see.

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