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Thursday, May 2, 2013


So I've been busy in the last week, but not in a fun way.  Due to certain future events, I am definitely feeling the crunch to make sure the house is presentable.  In addition, I've had more chores to do than usual.  Just last night (after 8:30) I sorted and washed about a gallon of strawberries, put away dishes, washed dishes, did laundry, cleaned up, made bread, and wrote characters up for a game my sister is running (which is starting to feel a little like a chore).  And that's on top of making plans, doing the calendar, folding laundry, making Addy's bed, doing more dishes, making dinner/tea, taking Addy out to pick strawberries, paying bills, etc. etc. etc.

I'm not trying to make you all think I do a lot of chores.  But it still feels like a lot of chores to me.  And if not chores, then responsibilities, such as scouting and taking Addy swimming.  I've written very little in the last week, and in the last 3 days I've actually felt like writing is the last thing I want to do.  I had to force myself to write up those characters, and I usually find that enjoyable (the only reason I did was because I didn't have the time to actually get into real writing).

So, no, I have not written much recently.  I need to get back into the mindset of writing.  It feels like I'm struggling with a combination of writer's block and writer's blockade.  When I find a small time to write, I don't feel like it.

Having a toddler is not conducive to being an author.

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