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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goals Part 2

Alright. Here's the scoop.

A while ago I went to a writer's workshop. Here, I found a publisher who was interested in a short story of mine. She said they were thinking of doing a monthly online short story publication, an eBook at half price because it's just a short story.

I was bad and never got back in touch with her. I need to do that and see if they're still interested or if they even went ahead with it. I never got back to her because my short story was not 100% up-to-par and complete.

I also took part in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - nanowrimo.com) back in November, but did not finish. I did not like what I had done with it, and I got a job which got in the way. But, those are really just excuses. Simply, i did not finish and did not succeed.

Finally, I am part of a writing group that meets twice a month. I haven't had anything new to show them in a while.

So I have new goals.

1) I want to finish the short story ASAP
2) I want to rewrite the book.
3) I want to have something to show my group EVERY meeting.

As there is a meeting this coming Thursday (it is the 1st thursday and 3rd tuesday of each month), I feel it is a reachable goal to finish my short story by then. I already gave it at the group, and it is too long to give at one sitting (limit is 5 pages, it is so far 8), but I should be able to give it again with just the updates.
I should also be able to start writing the book and using THAT as the thing I bring in each meeting. So I want to have that started for the second meeting in february.

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  1. We still need to decide when our writing time will be. I think that will help you reach your goals.