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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A short parable - work in progress

I decided I wanted to try to write a parable.  The only problem is, knowing how parables in the bible are written, I'm not sure what the moral should be.  So it is currently a work in progress.  It might worm its way into a novel of mine... it might not.  I don't know yet.  Tell me what you think.

Two vassals were summoned to meet their lord for the first time to see which of the two would be given a place in the lord's court.  The first vassal showed up to the lord's house wearing his best fineries, clothes which most men could not afford, to show how successful he had been in working the land that had been given to him.  The second vassal, however, gave away his clothes to the poor and arrived wearing only simple rags that were soiled by the long journey. The lord rebuked him, saying, "Why do you insult me by appearing before my court in such fashion?"  The second vassal said, "I do not mean insult, my lord.  I thought it would be better to give the fruit of my labors away to the people who live under your rule than to spend it on fine clothing."  The lord was pleased and turned away the first vassal, then gave his own coat to the second and invited him into his court.

Well, what do you think?  Of course, it could also be about a feud between the two vassals, or the lord may have ended up being one of the people the second vassal gave his belongings to.  Or perhaps the first vassal pleas his case, saying that he wanted to represent the wealth of the lord's land.  Any thoughts?

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