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Saturday, April 26, 2014

My wife - a free-form sonnet

There goes my wife without even a glance,
The whispers of love and the blush of romance,
Her autumn hair filling my soul as we dance.
All of it hangs on the nail of this chance.

And with her the fights that would keep us alive
Or make us both struggle, or cause us to dive
Into deepest despair.  We would reach, we would strive
For the one thing that'd keep us and let our love thrive.

The kids walk behind you; you don't even know.
They're blind to the world and they need us to show
Them what's wrong and what's good.  They'll share in our woe
But keep us together when we hit our low.

There goes my life; it's passing me by.
The only thing I need to do is say, "Hi."

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