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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I just got back from the second Ultreia INK: Write Night.  For those not in the know, it is an event for local writers to read some of their work.  Once again, I had a blast!!  Everyone was very good, even if some of them were more nervous than others.  I had the nerves until I actually got up there.  For the first time, I was not nervous while performing something!

I performed "Spin-out" and an edited version of "Haptic Malware."  I was concerned that it wouldn't get any laughs, which would mean I'd be up there with a humorous piece boring people.  But as soon as I mentioned "DragonCon" and "Brown Coats," I started to hear chuckles.  Soon people were outright laughing, and I had to pause at the line, "She probably wouldn't like him if she found out he had somehow acquired malware.  She'd like him even less if she knew which site he got it from."  There was just too much laughter!

So, to say I am pleased is an understatement.  I'm enthralled that it went so well!  And I am forging connections with other local writers and artists, and with the people who run this venue.  I am lucky enough to have been selected to read for both of their Write Nights and I hope I have something worthy for the third, whenever that is.

Some of you might be getting tired of the Dark Crystal story.  It's halfway through, about.  And remember, it is an entry into a contest; it does not wrap up everything into a neat little package.  I left strings dangling as an incentive to get the judge to want more.  Obviously that worked.
 But as soon as it is over, we will return to our regularly scheduled short stories!
In other news, I am currently editing my novel, which is fun but also challenging.  Some of the edits are substantial, but I feel necessary.  I'm trying to give myself a time limit - I want it done by the end of this year.  Let's see if I can make it.

However, after the 22nd, I will likely be taking a break from editing.  I was chosen to write some pieces for a group called Forward Movement, the company that makes those little booklets in church called "Day By Day."  They also are in charge of Lenten Madness.  I believe I have mentioned them before.  They looked at my blog and decided to ask me to write for their 2015 daily devotional!  So I will work hard to keep their deadline.  Who knew this blog would actually be useful!  

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