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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I like to keep tabs on my blog's stats - that is the number of hits (views) and where they are from (and when).  Trying to figure out why I have x-number of hits is something that could help me improve my numbers.  I am looking into some other things, which sadly take time away from writing.  Once Addy is in school, I'll have that time, though.

So right now I am 7 (seven) hits SHORT of 500 for the month of April.  This is about typical for me, actually.  The most I ever got was in October, when I won the DeviantArt Daily Deviation.  I had nearly 1000 hits.  But after analyzing my data, I realize that getting the DD did not earn me a greater viewership.  Before I hit it, I reached a little over 500 hits in September.  November still had high hits, which is to be expected.  But December, with fewer posts and holiday plans, had fewer hits, and January saw the numbers return to around 500.  It has hovered around there ever since.

So what I am going to have to start doing to increase my numbers is interacting with folks.  I need to actually go to forums, tweet about normal things, take an interest in those who read my blog.  I had hoped people might comment more frequently, but I guess I will have to go to them.  Over on DA, I tend to get about 1 "llama badge" for ever 2 I give out, so I think that I just need to start interacting more.  I suppose an hour a day would help.  Let's see what this will do with my numbers.


  1. Yes, commenting on other blogs, especially topics you share in common works pretty good at increasing traffic. It also helps you show up better on searches, or other readers may click through on your comment to check your blog out.

    On FridayFlash, I generally visit writers previously commenting on mine first because I assume they appreciate the comment or gesture.

    Lately, I added more buttons to my blogs to make it easier to follow. Some don't know what to do with RSS, so I added a Feedly button. Some follow via email, which I find clumsy, but I added an email subscribe button, too. I'm not too concerned about visitor numbers, but might as well make it easier for those interested.

    1. Hmmm. I'm sure I can greatly improve my site. I'm thinking of getting my own domain, but I'm afraid I'm not entirely tech savvy any longer. I don't know how RSS works, I've never heard of Feedly, and I don't know how to do an email subscription. I have much to learn...

    2. Blogger has some built-in gadgets to drop in. Go to Layout and select "Add a gadget." Look for "Follow by Email" or "Subscription Links" or "Feed." Play around a bit and see what you like.